We recently had a request from a client who wanted to tattoo two Japanese ideograms (so-called Kanji) on his forearm. In the request, he indicated the meaning that ideograms should have in the Serbian language, and he asked for a translation into Japanese. You would only say two characters, right?

However, what the client does not know is that, for example, in Japanese, there are so many ideograms that have the same meaning, and that it only depends on the context which ideogram will be used, and that it is necessary to do a little research which of these meanings to hand over to the client. The same goes for all the languages ​​of the world.

The tattoo stays for life! Now, imagine if we did it wrongly…


Translation agency “Aber and Mar” originates back in 2005, when a group of colleagues, friends and family, translators and court interpreters, began work on translating documents and teaching languages, a job they used to do as young philologists, giving classes to elementary school students and helping them do better control tasks and, later, pass language exams.

As young linguists and professors of different languages ​​during the 1990s and 2000s, they engaged in a variety of activities, from politics, international cooperation, working on numerous translations, written and oral, while some also engaged in managerial work at the same time, and gained experience working in domestic and foreign economy, state institutions, where most of the business communication was and is done in foreign languages. They brought their professional and long-gained experience to the translation work in the agency, working with translators and court interpreters on all types of translations, from written to oral.

Today, the Translation Agency “Aber and Mar” is known as an agency that brings together professionals with experience, accompanied with great love for linguistics – words, phrases, and above all, understanding of all the people around the world.

We have a wide portfolio of successfully completed work in all areas of domestic and foreign economy and citizens, from the translation of student IDs, diplomas, court documents, decisions and other documentation, to medical and technical documents of various contents: business plans, product declarations, customs documentation for import and export of products, websites, marketing and advertising documents for the economy, to government presentations for foreign delegations, documents of ministries and other state institutions.
The services of the Translation Agency “Aber and Mar” are known to citizens and companies throughout Serbia and beyond.

The translation agency “Aber and Mar” with its associates, performing translation work for over 15 years in a row, has gained extensive experience in working with citizens, businesses, state institutions and other translation agencies.

We cooperate with over the best court interpreters, professional translators and experts in their fields for the translation, certification and proofreading of translated documents.

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