The price of translation includes the work of our manager on your specific request and managing your project until the completion of work and payment, then the work of a translator whose work is charged for written translations by the translation party, and, finally, the printing and sending the docs.

If the client requests it, the price includes sending of documents by express mail or courier.

Sending translations by courier service for translations with more than 10 (ten) pages is free of charge!

To cut the long story short, the price estimate is made on the basis of:

  • Document type and text complexity in it
  • The language into or from which it is translated
  • Whether it is a translation that requires the certification of a certified court interpreter

* Prices are approximate. The final price depends on several parameters. For more details and an offer, please call our managers. Tel: +381 63 30 90 50 or send us an inquiry by e-mail.


The price display refers to one page of the translation, that is, 1800 characters with spaces.

Translation and certification English – Serbian1.200,00 – 1.400,00
Translation and certification Romanian – Serbian1.400,00 – 1.500,00
Translation and certification French – Serbian1.400,00 – 1.600,00
Translation and certification Spanish – Serbian1400,00 – 1.600,00
Translation and certification German – Serbian1.300,00 – 1.400,00
Translation and certification Russian – Serbian1.400,00 – 1.500,00
Translation and certification Italian – Serbian1.500,00 – 1.600,00
Translation and certification Slovenian – Serbian1.500,00 – 1.600,00


When the original of the translated document contains photographs, numbers in columns, graphs, etc., such translations look at the final number of translated characters with spaces, and during the assessment, an approximate calculation is given based on the document provided.

It happens that with such documents the final number of pages varies, so it is up to 20-30% less or more characters with spaces than the original number, so the most important thing is to make a good assessment of the documentation, which is guaranteed with our team, keeping in mind vast experience in working with different forms of documents.


According to the interpretation of the Rulebook on Permanent Court Interpreters, it is not defined what exactly is the so-called author’s or translation page of the translation, however, according to the unwritten rule of translators, court interpreters and translation agencies, the author’s page of the translation contains approximately 250 words, or, as the Aber & Mar Translation Agency calculates, 1,800 characters (spaces) with spaces on the translation side which includes proofreading (see example below for a detailed calculation).

Example: A translated document contains 3,600 characters with spaces. The total number of characters with spaces is divided by 1800. In this particular case it is 2.0 pages of translation, and so the price is being calculated.

It should also be borne in mind that, when the translation document contains less than one page, a minimum of one page is charged, except in cases when it is only a matter of a few words when we agree on the price.

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